Theory of Change

We believe that when people share their energy into an intense experience they become more tolerant, curious, open minded and able to connect to one another, we call that feeling the Apical Pulse


When we are cutting a plant so that it can grow back, we go down with the scissors to the point where the stem is still a vivid green. That point is called Apical meristem and it’s a tissue composed of poly-potent cells, these cells own the biological instructions to become many different things: flower, leaf, stem, and so on… 



Apical says that every person, if in the right conditions, can be whatever she/he really wants, can cross the World and leave a positive Impact for everyone.


Our job at Apical is to create the right conditions.


Our mission is to let everyone live more, learn more and take care to positively impact on their own life and on our common future.


We do it by focusing on Transformative Experiences, that are those parts of your life that teach you something about yourself, connect you better with the others and move you one step ahead.


We have designed Apical to be the digital platform enabling more and more organisations to offer Transformative Experiences and making easier for people to find and to join them.


Transformative Experiences are the touchpoint where Happiness and Social Innovation mixand it’s where we stand. 


Get Apical. The World needs your Happiness







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