Singa: the city I want to live in

Singa is for everyone says Olivia (co-founder with Stefano) concluding our interview.

If you needed a reason to read what’s following, I just gave one to you. No matter who you are, Singa story deserves to be read as everybody’s story should be told.

While Olivia and me were talking I realized what Singa is all about, but a clue appeared already clear in my mind once we started to break the ice. To understand my point of view let me ask you a little imagination effort, follow my words and cling to this story.

Close your eyes and try to hear the voices of people interacting. Here you are, can you feel the vibration of that sound, the handshakes and laughs from the buildings around?

Welcome home, humanity! Singa is a big city square where space defines connections among us.

Created in 2012 in France has rapidly grown and now operates in a multitude of countries, with a variety of programs focusing on making people meet and let them reach their potentiality.

At this point an idea whispers to my mind every time the words we tell join the road of self realization: this is the apical meristem, and now I’m certain it’s an #ApicalPeople matter.

Where the individual meets humanity

In Singa vision nothing is casual. More the constant movement where all of us are protagonists accelerates, bigger the space where connections and interaction take place until they touch different levels.

You will not hear of winners, because everybody is.
The energy born from connection of people put ourselves in the prospective of a bigger analysis. Because what a singular person gain in a face-to-face experience fly to pollinate the rest of us.

I call it the Singa butterfly effect, where the individual meets humanity.

The professional mentoring program

As an example Olivia tells about Singa professional mentoring program. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are a refugee or someone living his normal life, you’ll get the chance to live an experience which will dramatically transform your life.

People want to meet other people – this means to be a human being – but they don’t know how to do that.

A mentee and a mentor are the primary cell of a more empathic society. Facilitating them to meet, when you create spaces of interaction the opportunities magnify for both the actors and you cannot calculate the consequences that come from. But we can suppose it.

And if only a quick look at this growing seed made of a mentor and a mentee explodes in a new form of energy, can we imagine the impact on our future?

Inclusivity at its best

The idea behind is a mission: the society has to open to what it does not know.

The future I imagine seems very similar to a city like London – where Olivia has lived for years – which can be everybody’s home and where the color of your skin doesn’t identificate you.

The space where we interact in the future is made by healthy human networks, we know, but as I provocatively suggest in a perfect world we would not even need a project like Singa. Olivia nods, because the paradox we live in is that we feel to be part of fast running world where interconnections between levels are unimaginable. But then, as an abrupt awakening, contact among people lacks.

At the beginning I was shocked, some guys were totally excited of the chance to interact. They were living in Italy since four, maybe five years and they never had met an Italian.

Singa isn’t the definitive solution. But wait, it’s the first most important step we need to walk as humanity. Singa wants to facilitate the spot of mutual experience and create meeting spaces.

We’re in. Everybody lives in Singa-town.

Happiness, a simple match

When the interview approaches at its end I am conscious that I can perfectly draw in my mind this big square. With my eyes I see people and they are only people and not refugees, Italians, mentors, or mentees.
We are all part of this and we share our knowledge matching others’ life.
Distinctly I see the cells composing an healthy organism, with hums and tender laughs in background.

But most important, those laughs are not imaginary and a smile shines on my face. Then I ask:

If Singa was a person, like you or me, how it would describe the word happiness?

She laughs and after a moment of disorientation Olivia answers. Happiness in Singa eyes is sharing what we have against an excess of individualism. Sharing is caring, and connecting each other helps us to build a a common enrichment based on joy.

Knowledge against fear is the best transformation you can gift people.

Behind the shadows of diversity here the simplicity of Singa wakes up. It’s morning in the square and Singa is the sunrise over the city.

All pictures are property of Singa


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