SnowWeek is a massive event Happening every December on the Mountains, they chose Apical because we are flexible enough to handle their hyper-customisable packages and to make their commitment in respecting Mountains bold!


opening 2018/09


Nonprofit supported


There are places where you freeze, but not here.

What happens when you put all together stunning mountains, happiness everywhere and people that believes we can build up a better world?

We create a strong community.
We will define the edges of happiness and generosity in a new way of being part of humanity.
We say we because inclusive is what we aim to be.
We share.

We are the ApicalPeople.

We can’t wait for sharing this with you.

Stay updated to get the full ApicalPeople experience always with you, this incredible post will arrive at the end of the year.

SnowWeek is coming soon

You just need to wait a bit, we’re gonna talk and write a lot about this, soon in our pages!


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